We are working with companies from many industries, of any size and with various experiences.


Still, our clients share common traits:

  • Developing solutions using technology (hardware and software),

  • Sharing an ambition for rapid growth,

  • Considering international expansion,

  • Looking for performance and efficiency.

They often come from a tech background, and want help with their strategy, business, product development, operations and finances.

Are you:

  • A tech start-up that needs to raise funds,

  • A company that has raised funds and need to deliver on the high-growth trajectory you have been funded for,

  • An investor and want to secure your ROI,

  • A fast developing enterprise at a strategic inflection point, that needs to organise for the next growth phase,

  • A well established company that needs to bring an external professional to improve processes or ease change internally?

See below what we can do for and with you.

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As the CEO or an executive, you are concerned about improving your company overall performance.

Here are some of your challenges we can solve together


  • We have yet to set a strategy

  • How to increase our performances?

  • Is my strategy sustainable?

  • Why are we underperforming?


  • Our products are released off time & off budget

  • We don't know how to set our product roadmap

  • Is our product fit for our customers?

  • Our product does not bring expected revenues


  • We have no marketing strategy or plan

  • Is our market the best to pursue? 

  • Are our prices well tuned?

  • We would love to bring more margin


  • Which sales rep do I hire?

  • It is taking longer than expected to sell our new product

  • Our sales force is underperforming

  • We have little confidence in our forecast


  • We need help to get funding

  • How could we be more profitable?

  • Our operations lack efficiency

  • Could we become more cost-effective ?

The challenges are rarely contained in one area. Bringing a result-oriented external professional, that can help you across the board is the most efficient use of your time and money.


Thanks to our extensive cross-functional experience, we will work with you to (1) insure the challenge is fully identified and (2) addressed across your activity, until (3) you get results !

Contact us to see how we can help you get better results!


Board Members

You want to insure your company best long term trajectory.

We can enable it to succeed:

  • Scaling its business for fast results:

          + refining strategy and implementation,

          + improving performance in a particular
              area and across the organisation,

          + implementing change,

  • Getting funded,

  • Driving product roadmap from concept to industrialisation to market,

  • Insuring customer insights, engagement and best experience,

  • Sourcing strategic partnerships bridging innovation gap.

Contact us to discuss how we can help !          


You plan to invest or have invested in one or more companies.

You want to secure your investment as well as possible and make sure you optimize your ROI.


We can help you with:


New opportunities


Projects before funding decision


Funded company for best ROI


The company's CEO and executives for sustainable results

We evaluates high-potential SMEs with projects based on emerging technology for EASME, the Executive Agency for SMEs with the European Union Commission and for other regional financing bodies.


We are dedicated to enabling investors & financing bodies (private/public) to optimize their investment and the Return-on-Investment.

Get in touch to secure your fundings.


InstitutiONS & networKS

Many territories claim to be the next Silicon Valley.

Facilitating start-up creation is the first step. Promoting knowledge transfer between research labs, universities and start-ups is essential. Helping these companies raise funds for their initial development is crucial.

Is that enough ?

Let’s help entrepreneurs

change attitude and scale !

Helping entrepreneurs think differently about their growth, provide them with the tools to get to the international stage and succeed is the key to helping these companies make one day the top-100-in-the-world ranking. And the territories that support them to become true new « Silicon Valleys ». 

We can help you design new solutions to better help entrepreneurs. See our achievements for territories & networks with Smartec.








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