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"A terrific book with immediately actionable insights. A must-read that will benefit every entrepreneur who wants to build a global business." 

Sophie Boutelegier

Chief Expansion Officer, Expandify - Palo Alto - USA


"A book that I would recommend to any entrepreneur, regardless of their experience."

Luc Martin

President, Optitec Group & UIMM Occitanie - Montpellier - France

"A reading full of concrete optimism to be recommended to all generations of entrepreneurs !"

Sylvia Gallusser

General Manager, French Tech Hub-San Francisco - USA


Our goal: empowering companies and territories to grow and attain their full potential.





Benefit from:


  • 25+y experience in business, innovation & entrepreneurship

  • Best practices from around the world

  • A pragmatic approach for fast results

  • A solid network in Silicon Valley, France & EU innovation ecosystems

  • Impeccable track in management, operational efficiency and financial performance

  • Dual-culture, language & mindset

  • Life-long global exposure.


Let's work TOGETHER to facilitate your growth.

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Benefits Chantal Neri Business Scaling Innovation Growth International

Dare, BE BOLD, Thrive

The global economy is mostly dominated by US and China. Could we make room for other economic approaches and values?

Of course, we can!

Our MISSION is to empower companies and territories to scale fast and to exist on the global scene.

We ENVISION a future where scale-ups & unicorns with strong values of diversity, environment sustainability and social impact emerge on every territories for a balanced economic and social development.

We aim at empowering the entrepreneurs at their helm. We believe that anyone can impact the world. We are planning to do it, one company at a time !

To best empower disruptors and strivers, we VALUE:

  • Excellence & Best Practices from around the world,

  • No-box Thinking,

  • Inspiring & Empowering,

  • Openness & Respect,

  • Proactiveness & Reliability.


A Ph.D in Material Sciences and a HEC Paris graduate, Chantal Neri has been engaged in innovation for 25 years. Her mission to “scale technology into profitable business” aims at helping companies of all sizes, and the territories that support them, to grow successfully.


In Silicon Valley, she has evolved in the global and fast-paced high-tech semiconductor sector. In France, she has consulted with 400+ company CEOs. At the European level, Chantal brings her expertise to EASME, the Executive Agency of the European Commission for economic development.

She speaks, writes and advises CEOs and enterprise support networks on entrepreneurship, growth strategies, performance, marketing and innovation.

Chantal Neri, author, speaker, consultant, trainer


Your company deserves the best support that it can get.

If you plan to expand in France or in Silicon Valley, we can locate the best of both world to strengthen your business (Sales, Legal...), your R&D (AI, IoT, mobility, nanotech, semiconductors, IT...) or your financing.









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